Daniel Kannenberg

Challenges and Solutions for modern Lighting Control Systems

More complex fixtures, increasing numbers of parameters, integration of various applications - the list of challenges for lighting programmers and operators barely ends. In this session we will have a look at concepts and solutions of lighting control systems, which can help to reduce the complexity and enrich the workflow and programming experience. On the example of a grandMA3 system, we will learn about programming solutions, useful network functionalities and GDTF, the standard to describe fixture types based on the real-world behavior - all mixed to a complete production workflow. 

Daniel is Brand- and Product Manager of MA Lighting with more than 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry. After his training as an event technician, he studied electrical and industrial engineering in Paderborn, Germany. Since 2013 Daniel has been working at MA, starting at the project department for fixed installations and moving to the MA Tech-Support team afterwards. He was part of the development of the MA University including MA E-learning and trainings for MA distributors. Since 2021 he is responsible for Brand- and Product Management.