José Gaudin 

In the round design augmented with spatial effects on a networked audio backbone: Metallica M72 World Tour.

Always looking at trying to maximize audience experiences, Metallica’s M72 is an in the round stadium tour with an ambitious production design. The audio system includes more than 280 networked loudspeakers, supported by 34 Galaxy networked processors performing multiple functions, from matrixing, sound system management, media clock distribution, to spatial audio for effects. Here is a look into the audio design, the network design and the software solutions that helped make it real. 

José Gaudin is a Technical Services Specialist for Meyer Sound with a background in live sound and project management. He has worked at Meyer Sound since 2012 and his responsibilities include both on-site and remote technical support for loudspeaker and software products as well as education and training support. He is now also part of the product management team setting the path for new software products. For more than 15 years, José has also served as a live sound engineer and provided technical support at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

He lives and works remotely in France. In his spare time, José enjoys flying helicopters and airplanes as a licensed pilot and proud aircraft owner, he is also an avid skier but also practices snowboarding, wakeboarding and kitesurfing.